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*GST202 TMA2 10/10*

1) -------------- involves ascertaining the present. Ans- the immediate situation.

2) ------------ is when a person makes an informed choice. Ans- consent.

3) the strategy to strengthen gender equality. Ans- mainstreaming.

4) ------------- control and oppression through. Ans- violence.

5) individualists culture assume. Ans- interest.

6) ethnic was derived from. Ans- ethnos.

7) conflict is from Latin word. Ans- confligere.

8) humanitarian intervention without UN mandate. Ans- illegal.

9) individual experience. Ans- *intrapersonal*.

10) conflict could be contradiction difference. Ans- interest.

GSt 102 tma 2

1: letter of offer

2: temporal issues

3:formal language

4:to identify issues in paragraph

5: sincerely

6:help the writer to create an accurate image of an event

7: equivalence

8:help the writer to explain reason for an event

9:formal letters

10:help the reader to understand difficult concept

GST 101 TMA 2

1. Average

2.reading newspaper article

3. Expenditure

4. Least

5. Suspense

6. Instruction

7. Habit

8. Vocabulary

9. Prefix

10. Narrative text.


GST 103 10/10

1. Which of the following is NOT one of the four major data processing functions of a computer?

analyzing the data or information

2. When a Computer is switched off, anything held in RAM is _


3. The CPU and memory are located on the ____


4. Magnetic disk is an example of

Secondary memory

5. Select the Odd one

Operating system

6. To access properties of an object, the mouse technique to use is


7. Where does most data go first in a computer memory hierarchy?


8. __ does all PC’s thinking and runs the programs as requested


9. A DVD is an example of a __

Optical disc

10. _______ Store data or information temporarily and pass it on as directed by the control unit


*Gst105 TMA2* 10/10

1) Plato


3)Law of evolution





8)Theory Of spontaneos Generation

9)Leonardo da vinci

10)An explanation about the cause of a broad rangr of related phenomeno


Specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely.

Reading with music

Chapter two

Chapter 3



Reading and writing


Reading process

Maintain logical conclusion

Gst104 TMA2.

1. All these are disadvantages of a traditional library system except one.

Answer. Epileptic supply of electricity.

2. Sorting out of your subject materials can help you.

Answer. Have information on your examination

3. The following are all disadvantage of digital library except one.

Answer. Restricted access to information.

4. Constructing a search strategy means

Answer. Structured organization of terms to search a database.

5. In combining your keywords using boolean operators for truncation you use

Answer. (*)

6. Over learning of course materials can help a student achieve the following except one.

Answer. Proper time management in an exam.

7. The acronym sq3r means.

Answer. Survey, question, read, recite And review.

8. To read for content means to

Answer. Look out for the main ideas.

9. Setting daily or weekly reading goals can help you achieve all of the following except one.

Answer. Increased assimilation rate.

10. Cramming is as a result of the following except one.

Answer . low assimilation rate.

GST 104 tmA 2 Questions
1. What type of resources are in public domain at no cost?

a. Open Educational Resources (OER)✓✓✓
b. Textbooks
c. Databases
d. Journals

2. Mr Adetayo Bisi is analysing President Buhari’s speech, what type of information will he generate?

a. Secondary information

b. Information literacy

c. Tertiary information

d. Primary information✓✓✓

3. What type of information would an Anthropologist be needing often?

a. Current

b. Objective information

c. Historical✓✓✓

d. Subjective information

4. Mrs Charity Abiodun is analysing the literature in her present research work what will be her next stage?

a. Choosing an appropriate topic

b. Writing the Review

c. identify the literature

d. Synthesizing the Literature✓✓✓

5. In the course of your research work, when do you consult the catalogues?

a. Writing the review

b. Literature identification

c. Analysing the literature✓✓✓

d. Synthesising the literature

6. Under what source of information would the paintings of President Muhammadu Buhari be categoriesed?

a. Secondary

b. Primary✓✓✓

c. Tertiary


7. Why would a library user prefer to browse the open shelve instead of using the catalogue?

a. In order to see all works by the same author
b. It saves time

c. It is less stressful

d. In order to assess other relevant materials on same topic

8. Mr Tunde is a librarian working in the circulation section, below are all his roles in the library EXCEPT

a. Keeping statistics of books consulted

b. Books shelving

c. Cataloguing✓✓✓

d. Charging and discharging of books

9. Generally libraries are funded by

a. NGOs

b. Community✓✓✓

c. Parent institutions

d. Philanthropists

10. Book selection in the library is the role of

a. Reference librarian

b. Acquisition librarian

c. Circulation librarian

d. Cataloguers ✓✓✓

-Secondary information
-Open educational resources ( OER)
-In order to assess other relevant material on same topic
- literature identification
- community
- choosing an appropriate topic

GST 807 TMA 2
1) Grammar

2) Creating new perspective on a concept

3) methodology

4) 3

5) Leisure and independent

6) speaking / Fluencing

7) assessment as learning

8) phonic skill

9) Cornell

10) Retrieving information that is relevant to a purpose

GST 203
Religion ideas
Natural philosophy
Natural Science
Foundation of earth
Rene Descartes
Appeal to pity

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