The order Scorpaeniformes have the following characteristics except

* Salmon belongs to this order

Shell fish in Nigeria include all these EXCEPT

* crayfish

One of these shrimp resources occur in deep water

* royal shrimp

All these are species of cray fish EXCEPT

* P. Cambaridae

Which of these is not one of the croaker fauna of dermersal fish resources?

* Lutjanus spp.

All these are not attributes of artisanal fishing EXCEPT

* low capital outlay

All these are part of the pelagic fish resources EXCEPT

* Bonga fish

All these are Off-Shore Pelagic resources EXCEPT

* Horse mackrel

Which of these does not belong to the snapper fauna of the dermersal fish resources

* Antigonia spp.

Artisanal fisheries in Nigeria constitute the most significant fishery sector for all but one of the following reasons

* because it is the poorest in terms of standard of living


Activites that are performed by the business include __________

* All of the above

____________ is dynamic and creates new things out of existing ones

* Innovation

Entrepreneurship leads to __________ reduction.

* Poverty

__________describes the entrepreneur as one who can move an idea into a viable and profitable commercial deal

* Jimngang(2004)

Under these state of affairs, intending entrepreneurs often fall back on their ____________

* Personal savings

Objectives of a business include these Except _________

* Marketing

The history of entrepreneurship in Nigeria can be classified under the following stages:

* early and Modern stage

In every aspect of life, be it sports, politics, or research as in business, we need to show full__________

* Determination

Finance is a fundamental issue in the development of an _________

* Entrepreneurship

The development of industry had depended a great deal on the role of the___________

* Private sectors


___saw entrepreneurship as the dynamic process of creating incremental wealth.

* Ronstadt (1984)

_____seperated the capitalistic role from entrepreneurship In the 20th century,

* Joseph Schumpeter

____introduced the concept of \'Entrepreneur\' into the study of economics

* Richard Cantillion

_____entrepreneur assembles and synthesis information and introduces new combinations of factors of production

* Innovative

___visualized the entrepreneur as a person who starts a business to follow a vision, to make money, to be the master of his/her own soul

* Pinson (2010)

____viewed entrepreneurship as a social system, which denies opportunities for creative facilities

* Sociologist

____believes that entrepreneurs are primarily motivated by an atavistic will to powe

* Schumpeter

____sees an entrepreneur is the economic agent who unites all means of production

* JB Says

____entrepreneur is motivated by profit

* Profit

____entrepreneurs do not have the necessary talents, skills and resources to initiate large scale production

* Small Scale


The _________ audit involves the audit carried out by selected members of a team from the unit.

• Self

Process safety Audit identifies with the _________ issues in the company\'s processes.

• health

The steps are: PLAN-DO-CHECK- _________


Environmental Audit is a management tool consisting of a _________ documented, periodic and objective evaluation etc.

• Regulated

One objective of Environmental Audit is to enable _________with regulatory requirements.

• Compliance

Environmental Audit can also be defined as the process of reviewing _________ and records against defined standards.

• Activities

One objective of audit is to _________ information.

• Investigate

Liability Audit is to ascertain the environmental _________ that could be on the Faculty.

• Problems

The audit process is a series of _________and documented steps.

• Systematic

Environmental Audits can be classified based on _________is to be audited.

• What


Fresh water can be conserved by the following except;

• None of the above

Full Meaning of HFCs is

• Halogenated Fluoro Carbons

A way of regulating human behaviour is _____________

• law

Climate change brings about extreme weather like drought, floods and _________

• Severe Storms

Ozone layer protects life against _____________

• Ultra violet Radiation

Biodiversity helps in rebuilding natural soil fertility

• Correct

Photsythesis involves the making of sugar from ________ and carbon dioxide


Effective environment control requires ___________

• Standards

National policy on the environment was promulgated in which year?

• 1998

Physical environment includes airm water, soil, minerals and ___________

• Climate Factors


Earthworms belong to the phylum

• annelida

Snails belong to the phylum

• mollusca

Flukes and Tapeworms belong to the phylum

• platyhelminthes

Roundworms belong to the phylum

• nematoda

The division rhodophyta are reffered to as the ----------- algae

• red

Slime mold is an example of which of these types of protists?

• fungus-like protists

Slime molds are often brightly-colored in

• yellow or orange

The essence of staining is to help in

• recognizing and identification of the organism

One of the following is not a procedure to stain bacteria for examination with light microscope

• non of the options

The ------------- are the first group of eukaryotic organisms

• Protists


The appointment of judges is based on___________

• seniority at the bench

The old rule of caveat emptor C let the buyer beware is under which of these?

• sales of goods

___________ is the Judicial Committee of eminent English lords

• Privy Council

Under the domestic classification of law, one of these is not a type and this is_____________

• Private Law

Which of these involve a consideration of what the parliarment intended among the approaches of interpretation?

• Mischief Rules

The levels of legislature are all except__________ in Nigeria

• The Ministers

One of the advantages of a bill of rights is_________

• it provides the means for preventing abuses at power by government agencies and even the police

The fundamental liberties are all except___________

• freedom of association

_________ and __________ are the two classes of authoritative source of law

• judicial precedent, legislation

One of the primary sources of law is___________

• decrees


Which of these options is not part of the categories of services _____

• opportunity of ownership

An example of an internal source of tourism information is _____

• guest master file

Marketing research is the function that links the consumers and public to the marketer through ____

• information

A kind of marketing research activity is ____

• All of the above

A target audience may not receive an intended message for any of these reasons ____

• All of the above

The following are basic marketing information requirements except ____

• gender equity

Services in tourism are those separately identifiable but ______ activities that provide want-satisifaction and are not of necessity to the sale of a product or another service

• intangible

Promotion is the function of informing, persuading and influencing the consumer\'s _____

• purchase decision

One of these is not an element of the promotional mix ____

• None of the above

Advertising is classified into product advertising and institutional advertising ______

• All of the above


Decanting means:

• transfer of the contents of a wine bottle into another receptacle before serving

One of the following is not a function of wine:

• status symbol

Which one is not a type of wine tasting?

• liquid tasting

Aged and matured wines go better with:

• grills and roasts

Wine listing is done in three main ways:

• place of origin, type and grape

One of the following is not a criteria for classifying wines:

• Marketing

When a dish is cooked with wine, it is best served with:

• that wine

All but one of these affect the taste of wine:

• education and season

One of the underlisted is not a class of wine:

• Spirits

White wine is best served with:

• white meat


___ is not a factor the influences entrepreneur decision?

• Government

Each function of the manager does which of the following?

• Affect the other

Various schools have used the following parameters to define small scale business except ____

• Enterprise

Managers get things done through what means?

• Other people

The term that embraces all profit oriented economy or commercial activities meant for livelihood is called ____

• Busines

In Nigeria context, a small scale industry total capital investment is less than?

• 2 million naira

In Far East small scale industry annual turnover on the average does not exceed?

• 3 million dollars

Management is a body of knowledge about?

• Managing

Management cycle entail of these except ___

• Production

The business venture that is independently owned and operated is called __

•Small business venture


The perceptin of ____________ resource as a system has a dual implication for human resource management which are micro and macro

• human

Phase is a more developed phase of ___________ relations

• human

Human resource is concerned with employees both as individual and as a group in ____________ goals

• attaining

Effective human resource management is concerned with helping an organisation __________ its objectives

• achieve

The personnel managements phase spans from 1960\'s - ____________

• 1990s

Human resource is action _____________

• oriented

Human resource procedures serve to implement policies by prescribing the chronological sequence of steps to follow in carrying out of ____________

• policy

Everybody in an _____________- is involved in personal decision

• organization

Good human resource ____________ can motivate organizational members to do outstanding work

• practice

___________ and monetary resources by themselves cannot imrprove efficiency

• Physical


…........ consists of legal proofs presented to the court in the form of witnesses, records, documents, objects, and other means, for the purpose of influencing the opinions of the judge or jury toward the case of the prosecution or defence.

• evidence

There are four major types of evidence: real evidence,

• 1862

…...... Is the type of prison is thatnot walled

• open

The …......... is the stenographer who takes down transcript motions and comments of witnesses and participants in a trial.

• court reporter

…........ consists of legal proofs presented to the court in the form of witnesses, records, documents, objects, and other means, for the purpose of influencing the opinions of the judge or jury toward the case of the prosecution or defence.

• evidence

…..... is one of the factors that influence the allocation of cells and labour in the prison.

• health status

There is …..... when a person is held or detained against his will.

• arrest

Sentencing is regarded as the responsibility of the…..

• judge

…......... is the final adjudication of the criminal justice system.

• sentencing


The following are Commercial/Economic Urban Centres except___

• Mecca (Saudi Arabia)

Which among the following is NOT a type of urban settlement pattern?

• Migrant settlement pattern

The main aim of_____ is to raise the living standards of society

• Developmental planning

Factors that compound urban poverty include the following except _____

• Availability of Jobs

The United Nations defines an Urban centre as a city that has ____ or more population

• 20000

The rapid growth rate of urban centres is initially attributed to____

• Industrial revolution

Some of the benefits and gains of Urbanisation include the following except____

• Presence of robbers,kidnappers and ritualists

Which of these is NOT a factor in the rural-urban migration

• religious/spiritual needs

Urban slums, insecurity, poverty, unemployment, over- population, poor waste management are consequences of____

• Urbanisation

Challenges related to urban transport systems include all but ONE

• Good road network


At creation in 1930, the Nigerian Police Force had its headquater in -----

• Lagos

At the death of Major-General J. T. U. Aguyi-Ironsi, General ---- took over

• Gowon

Before 1914, the Ibadan council had two kinds of police forces the akoda and----- also called olopa

• iranse

Conflcit exists in all human and ----- associations

• animal

In 1906, ----- separate Police Forces existed in Nigeria

• 3

Police officers are trained in Nigeria and some selected officers are sponsored for training in some designated institutions abroad, true or false?

• True

The 1960 constitution set out the Police ----- and the Police Service Commission

• Council

The marxists believe that conflict is a vehicle of ----- and development in every society

• Change

The availability of a choice of options or actions one can take in a situation iscalled -----

• discretion

Police exists primarily to promote----- and security of life and property in society

• harmony


Violent behavior is constructed within a situation, between two or more persons, through a process of............

• Interaction

Violence has been seen in two major forms.......and.........

• Interpersonal violent crime and Inter-state war

Violence as a condition of possibility is thus presupposed by any act of.......

• Force

.............have contributed much to the intellectual understanding of violence as social processes and institutions

• Sociologists

It is a commonplace of.................that violence in the home makes it more likely that the children will be aggressive and prone to violence in later life

• Social psychology

Men’s violence against female partners is an issue of direct concern for.........

• Children

Power is so fundamental to the business of..............

• Governance on strong assertions of individual independence and autonomy as the bedrock of justice to avoid violence

• Walfare Liberalism

There are at least......... interdependent factors that are critical in triggering physical violence

• Five

Violence matters wreck and shorten lives, causes pain and suffering, and is often part of rapid..........

• Social change


Cracks in building develop ____

• Adverse effect

Majority of defects in buildings are as a result of _______

• Effects of biological agent

The National Art-theatrewas built in ______

• 1975

Problem associated with in effective maintenance activities in organization is______

• Problem of skills

That which becomes an evident after an obvious breach of safety is ______

• Safety hazard

Government of Nigeria often fail to pay adequate attention to early warning signals of crises and conflict due to lack of …

• Charismatic leader

One of the factors responsible for structural failures and collapse of buildings is_____

• Man-made

Conflict is inherent in _____ relationships

• Animal

The shelling and bombardment with artillery from soldiers occurred in November, 1999 at ____

• Odi

Socio economic habits of Nigerians causes structural defect where _____ were used

• Quacks


The scope of the course covers … crime control

• 7

CSS 356 is so ,,,

• simplistic

The general aim of the course is to ... the students know the informal mechanisms

• help

The nature of informal meghanism………….society

• varies across

CSS 356 is a …units course

• Three

the couse also concerns about..

• phylosophy of informal control

one of the elements is

• Harm

The course gives an…of the course

• Overview

CSS 356 came in different ….

• forms

The nature of informal meghanism concern about

• Type of strategy